KATE AVERETT is a writer and podcaster sparking unique discussion at the intersections of gender, disability, chronic and mental illness.

As a freelance writer, Kate utilizes her expertise in the cultural history of medicine, as well as her perspective living with disability. She creates content that emboldens readers to self-advocate and gives context to discriminatory practices in the medical system. Through Hysterics, a blog and podcast highlighting bodies outside the “norm,” Kate features women and gender nonconforming folks voicing their experiences living in bodies often disregarded and misunderstood. She and her guests dig into the nitty gritty of navigating everyday life and the medical system, empowering listeners and de-mystifying disability.

Kate received her MA in Art History from UNC Chapel Hill (2017) with a focus on representations of hysteria in horror films and popular culture. Through a feminist, psychoanalytic approach her research is rooted in a fascination with early modern medical traditions and their impact on how we see the human body in contemporary society.

When she isn’t writing, making art, or watching 1970s monstrous birth films, Kate is a Community Engagement Manager for a non-profit museum. In her day job, she can be found doing everything from producing large scale stage production to explaining obscure German art to middle schoolers. She is most proud of her ability to bring innovative arts to her community in a meaningful and accessible way.

To work together, contact her here. To learn more, follow Kate on Instagram and Twitter.